Dlaczego Janusz?

Janus – according to mythology, the most important deity of ancient Rome. God of all beginnings and changes, responsible for movement, change and time, as well as a patron of alliance agreements and arrangements. If you think about it, cryptocurrencies currently play a very similar role in the sphere of finance.

Typical Janusz in Poland needs no introduction. Hundreds of memes with his participation flood the Polish internet every day, creating a huge community. Cryptocurrencies also exist on the internet and need a community to “be alive”. At the same time, they don’t have to be so official,  funny added value can serve as additional promotion.

JanuszCoin will make every meme its advertisement.

Use Cases


You’ve probably heard that cryptocurrencies can be mined. JanuszCoin too, but you do not need to buy expensive equipment . It is enough to have some janusz that will turn into your virtual mining rig. All you have to do is open the wallet with some JanuszCoin balance and the new coins will start flowing into it. One-third of the newly generated coins go to staking wallets. Due to the fact that you can lie upside down while the cash goes by itself – Staking in Janusz’s economy is called social benefit.

Earn JanuszCoin passively


To earn more coins passively and at the same time to co-decide on the future of the project, you can sit on a stool. 1/3 of the newly generated coins goes to the owners of stools to be shared. Every month, they vote on the budget proposals submitted by community members. It is in their best interest to choose the best ones, as it may translate into the value of their coins. To sit on a stool, you need 5000 JAN locked on the server. You can find instructions on how to configure the server in our tutorials.

Take a stool and vote on the budget

Accept Janusz in the store

One of the possible applications of the JanuszCoin budget are subsidies to stores in return for accepting Janusz. Currently, stores do not have much interest in accepting cryptocurrencies. Existing payment methods fulfill their role perfectly. On the other hand, such acceptance is a great form of promotion and gives a real use case for cryptocurrency. Do you have an online store? Apply for grants in exchange for Janusz’s accepting JanuszCoin as a payment.

Subsidies for stores


To earn more coins, you can earn it. If you have any idea for the promotion of JanuszCoin. For example, by creating funny videos, promoting it on your social media channels, or maybe even displaying an advertisement on a billboard in your city, you can apply for money from the budget. If the community decides that you are entitled to funds, you will receive a payment straight from the blockchain. As many as a third of the newly generated coins each month are available for the taking. Write on our forum and check if your proposal has a chance of being accepted.

Earn Janusz actively

Commercialization of memes

Online content creators have been monetizing their work for a long time. So far, this has not been the case for the makers of popular memes. Soon, we will start organizing regular competitions on our website. The best Creators will have a chance to win Janusz every week. We will also encourage users to put the JanuszCoin logo and wallet address on their works. This way, everyone will be able to instantly send a tip to the creator using our mobile wallet.

Earn money from your memes


As JanuszCoin’s budget can be used for any purpose, it will be possible to allocate part of it to help those in need. It will be up to the community to decide which proposals will be accepted and paid from the chain. It is possible we will propose a fund, e.g. in the amount of 5% of the budget, which will allocate funds for selected purposes every month. Everything will depend on the current valuation of JanuszCoin, interest in the project and the good hearts of users.

Janusz helps

Ultra fast

10 minutes to confirm the transaction in BTC? This is the past. In JanuszCoin, each transaction receives 5 confirmations in just over 1 second.


JanuszCoin is the highest cryptographic standards. It would take billions of billions of years to try to crack a single private key to a wallet.

Simple to use

Our mobile applications have been designed in such a way that even a child can use them. With us, you can send money in just a few clicks.


So called decentralized autonomous organization. It means putting power into the hands of the users. You, too, can decide on the direction of project development and budget allocation

Wejdź do społeczności

To take part in Janusz's Airdrop, you should join our social media and periodically perform simple tasks to collect as many coins as possible. In addition, you will be up to date with all information regarding the development of the project and meet new friends who will help you get to know the system


On our forum you will find an extensive knowledge base about our coin, and above all budget proposals submitted by users. You can also write such a proposal and start earning Janusz.


On Facebook you will find all the most important news about the project, we also plan to organize here contests for the best memes in which you can win coins


If you prefer to watch videos instead of reading, you will find tutorials, promotional materials or reports from events on our YouTube


If you need immediate help or information, the community on discord will help you. The channel is divided into thematic rooms such as coin generation, budget, trading etc.


So one chat where you can talk about everything regarding JanuszCoin


If you use twitter you know what’s going on 🙂


Here we will try to throw sometimes a cheerful photo with Janusz in the lead role


If you know coding, check out our github. Here you can follow the progress of work on the project or help in its development yourself.

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